How To Tail Press

How to tail press

You are just starting to get comfortable with riding in the park and you’re pulling off 50-50’s on XS and/or S features. What’s the next step? The Tail Press is the second easiest jib trick to learn, and a quick way to add style to your riding.

Learning how to Tail Press on a jib feature is the exact same body position as learning how to butter on the tail of your snowboard.

Body Position

  1. To start have your board flat on the ground, and your weight in the centre of your feet.
  2. If you move your weight to your back foot, the board is still flat.
  3. If you move your weight even further back over the tail, the nose of your board starts to rise up. Now you are in a Tail Press, or buttering position. The rest of your body is in the same body position as if you were doing a 50-50, your upper body is in line with your lower body. Your back is up right, and your heard is looking more or less where you are going.

This position is what you have to master to be able to do good Tail Presses.

After you can do it in a flat area, try it out riding. You should be able to hold this position for about 5 to 10 seconds comfortably. The easier it is here, the easier it will be when you come to a jib feature.

Make sure you are not using either your toe edge or heel edge, because if you do that on a box, you are going to slip out and fall really easily.

Performing the Tail Press

When it comes to your first Tail Press on a box, find the easiest box you can. Low consequence, so if you do fall it’s not going to hurt.

Line it up like your going to do a 50-50. On your first attempt, just try to put a bit of weight on your back foot. you may find your board is still flat on the feature. No problem. If you want to get into that Tail Press position, you’re going to have to move your weight even further to that point over your tail, where the board is flexing into the Tail Press position.

There is only a small part of your board to balance on, so remember to keep it flat with the box. if you can ollie out of the Tail Press, it will give you even more style at the end of the feature.

When you’re comfortable, step it up to more challenging and longer features like tubes, down rails, and kinked features. A little tip if you don’t know already, this body position is very similar to the position you need to do in order to ride powder.

Now there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get this trick locked down, and impress your friends, that person you have a crush on, or your Tinder date.

Happy Shredding!

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