Snowboarding Speed Test & Tips

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In this video I’ve got some tips for riding with speed on your snowboard. I’m also going to use the Whistler App to test out my top snowboarding speed! I’m filming this video at the top of Whistler on a clear day, so visibility is great for going fast. I’m also testing my speed on a quiet area, where I can see that there’s no one on the run. The first tip for snowboarding with speed is to be confident with your edge control. The better you can use your snowboards edges to control your speed, the fast you can go. The second tip is to be balanced over your snowboard. Ride with you knees bent, back fairly straight and hands over your snowboards nose and tail. Finally look ahead at the terrain ahead of you. You can then adapt your snowboarding and speed to the terrain your riding into. If you have any questions about snowboarding with more speed, you can leave them in the comments. Thanks for watching!

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