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      Thought this was a cool pic…we have been pounded by snow this winter here in VT.  We told our son that if he shoveled off the house roof he could snowboard off it…if I get brave I might try too 🙂 

        Wow, you guys must be getting a LOT of snow!  ENJOY IT.Here in Oregon it is almost like spring already.  Hey I just got this from a friend in NH, so I guess it can also apply to VT as well…

        It's winter in NEW HAMPSHIREAnd the gentle breezes blow,40 miles per hour at 32 below!Oh, how I love NEW HAMPSHIREWhen

        Travis Hightower
          Thats a great description of how it is here. Except the snow is up to our armpits, and now we have spring conditions too. Thanks to the rain.So thick heavy snow. Ugh.But still, one for the record books. I have more pow days and bluebird days, than middle days. Seriously.Sunday was my 54th day snowboarding this season. Only 13 are o
        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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