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    Top 5 Snowboarding and Ski Destinations in Western Europe Destinations become renown for a variety of factors. Some of them are discovered while some are launched as new attractions. During winters, there are two kinds of places that travelers can visit – one for skiing and the other for sightseeing.But what if you can have both? Luxury travelers that frequent these top five snowboarding and skiing destinations in Western Europe know that they are in for some breathtaking sights as they ski down the frosty white slopes.Chamonix-mont-blancChamonix-Mont-BlancThis is the site of the 1924 Winter Olympics and Chamonix is known for its snowboarding and skiing destinations. There are five ski areas in the valley including the Mont Blanc north summit. What better way is there to begin your luxury ski destination than to visit Western Europe’s highest peak? There is always something for everyone at this luxurious French hub. Advanced riders and skiiers will find a wide array of technical runs that will surely test their abilities. Troodoos Mountains in Cyprus This is normally a sunny area at the Mediterranean Island but it gets its share of snow during the winter season. This is the sole ski resort in all of Cyprus so you have to reserve early to enjoy any of the four slopes.  Family Run, a part of the ski area is great for snowboarding and ski beginners. Sun Valley offers other areas where skiiers and snowboarders can build a bit of their confidence before they take on greater heights.  Les Deux Alpes and Other Luxury Resorts in France  Austria may be the birthplace of skiing but France is the sports’ adopted home. There are more than 200 skiing resorts all over the nation and most of these are world-class. Sure, this may not be your budget ski resort but the extra fee that you shell out is surely worth it.  Many UK snowboarders and skiiers visit France for their ice fix which means the resorts are filled with English-speaking people. If you are looking to socialize while steadying your feet on the snow, it is best to begin at the Lex Deux Alpes which is just 90 minutes from Grenoble.  Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany  This ski area may pale in comparison to skiing capitals but it is no less luxurious. While France, Switzerland and Austria top the list of skiiers’ favorite spots, Germany has much to offer in terms of winter excitement.  Garmisch-Partenkirchen was home to the 1936 Winter Olympics and is the highest peak in the nation. Costs are not cheap as an adult lift pass averages $250. Cross country skiing is quite popular at the Black Forest where there are 600 kms of trails. Mount Parnassos in Greece The country may have 3,000 hours of sunshine each year but it still has great, snowy mountains during the winter season. The nearest ski resort to the city of Athens – and the biggest one at that – is Mount Parnassos. There are over 20 runs on its terrain and there are snow schools and ski hire. If you want to enjoy Greece during the colder seasons, then you can also stay at the local towns or villages. The area is archeologically rich so you are hitting two bird with one stone – you get to ski as you also enjoy Greek culture. About the Author: Delilah is a travel writer for AV8Jet. She enjoys snowboarding during the winter season and water skiing over summer.

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