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    Travis Hightower

    burton does the step in plates still I THINK, dont quote me on that. but our resort got new ones for this year so im not sure if they just double bought or if they ordered new gear. but yeah, alot of peopleare going the way of Flows. Even K2 has a Flow style binding now. I was playing with it at Sun and Ski sports about 2 weeks ago. The back folds down like Flow, but also the toe and heel strap are on a hinge and can be pushed upwards to give you extra room so you're not trying to wedge your foot into the Flow design. Soundsgreat, and they're beautiful bindings, but when you get THAT technical, problems can come up quick.The ones I played with were $250, and for that price, I'd let them be out for a year or 2 before I bought a set, to see what kind of issues people run into with such a complicated 3 piece flex design.Here is a picture of the new "Cinch" binding from K2. You can see the pivot that brings everything up and down clearly. That extra pin below the heel strap is the pivot that moves the whole bottom frame of the binding just slightly up so you can slip your foot in.And K2's website about them:http://www.k2snowboarding.com/technology/bindingsSee what I mean by complicated? Sometimes simpler is better, but these are fresh so you never know. These might be the wave of the future. The only thing I don't like about Flow is jamming your foot into the straps. And yes, you can loosen them, but that almost defeats the purpose of the "step in design" that they brag about. Still, I like Flow 🙂The Lx is no mistake man if you're lookin into it. I honestly believe Ride takes much more pride inconstruction and design than forum, burton, libtech, etc. The only other company I can think of thatputs that much time and expense in R&D is Flow, and maybe Palmer. If Ride made a board with a graphic, flex, and length I liked, I'd ride them. But I've always been a Forum kid 😉Except bindings, I hate Forum bindings. They just plain hurt.



    Thats pretty cool.  At the end of the vid it looked like he was tristing a know or something on the high back.This seems really good but id like to know how much faster it is to get in the thing than to jjust pull two ratchets lol...

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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