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    Hi Frosty,
    I have a new snowboard and I do not have a stomp pad yet. Do you recommend using one and if so what type is best?


    Stomp pads are a strange thing in snowboarding. They have been around since the very first ones ever invented. Stomp pads offer stability for the unstrapped foot and most snowboarders use them, but it seems like that’s where the similarity ends.

    • There’s a variety of shapes, sizes and materials available
    • Placement of the stomp-pad is very important

    Personally, I prefer the kind that are like nubs or spikes. They are typically smaller, but stick up farther that a “flat foam pad” style stomp pad. I feel like I get more grip and stability — especially when the snow and slop pile up. The number of nubs and positioning of them depends on many different things, but mostly I like to have traction when my back boot is placed up against the side of the binding (on the inside of the stance of course).

    You can see a variety of different styles here


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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