New gear (boots, bindings and board) for intermediate snowboarder!

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    Travis Hightower

    bunny-i could have sworn i made a post about your recon, but i dont know if i hit send or it got deleted or whateverbut still, congrats on the purchase! you'll love that recon. its such a mad flexible board. its by no meansa cheap board, one of the only reasons its not expensive is its a rail killer which means it's going to seemore abuse than a high end board, but its cheap enough to replace over and over. take it out on your firstrun and try a tail press, manual, whatever its called flat land and see how easy it is to hold balance on thatthing. you'll find its not just a good beginner board, its a great all around board for certain things when youdont want to overpress a $600 board. i just gave mine away to a younger shredder, but its the same construction build as my manual which i love to death. i almost make an entire run doing a tail press with the nose of the board a good 8" off the snow.enjoy and welcome to forum snowboards! 😀

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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