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    Hey there, I need some help with getting a new board. My current board is Roxy Eminence 143cm but I tested ride last year and it was a bit hard to control when switching from heelside to toeside, so im thinking 143cm might be too long for me and i should get a shorter board, I just need to know whats the best length for me?

    • Height: 5'3"
    • Weight: 105lbs
    • Boot: US Woman 5.5
    • Experience: 2 years (bit more than beginners)
    • Riding style: all mountains

    I'm based in Australia so not much of powder snow, more looking at doing tricks and easier to control on carving.
    Thanks for the long readdd 🙂

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    Hi and welcome to Frosty Rider. You did a great job at explaining your situation. I took some time to review your post and it seems that the board you have is a bit too wide for you. No, the length doesn’t matter as much — especially for edge-to-edge difficulties like you are having.I ran your figures through the Size Calculator as a guide and it says that a good waist width for you is 22.7cm and length of 138cm. is that it is difficult to find a board that is that narrow. Not to worry, because there are no exact figures and this is just a guide to help us choose. Board widths do tend to correlate with length, so going with the shorter 138 (as opposed to your 143) will most likely offer that narrower waist width you need.K2 does a great job in sizing boards for smaller females, so I suggest checking out this board here: K2 First Lite 138cm The waist width of 23.2 will really improve your ability to change edges and the shorter overall length (combined with the Rocker shape) will offer you a board that is a lot easier to maneuver for freestyle fun -- especially on the hardpack snow in Australia.I hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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