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      An Indy grab is performed by grabbing the toe edge of your snowboard with your trailing hand while in the air.

      How To Do An Indy Grab:

      1. As you approach a jump, pop off the lip and bring your knees up and back hand down and across your body in front.
      2. Reach for the toe edge of your board, typically between the bindings.
      3. Grab the board, hold the grab momentarily. For extra style and stability, reach your free hand skyward.
      4. Release the board before landing.

      Interesting facts about doing an Indy grab on a snowboard:

      • The indy grab is one of the most popular and iconic snowboard grabs. It is named after Duane Peters, a professional skateboarder who adapted the trick to snowboarding in the early 1980s.
      • The indy grab is a popular grab among professional snowboarders. It is often seen in compe
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