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    The liquid transported by 3GCL vertical column foot single suction three-screw pump is a lubricating liquid without solid particles, non-corrosive oil and similar oil with a viscosity of 1.2O100oEN 3.0C / 760cst. High viscosity liquid can also be transported by heating heating to reduce the viscosity, the temperature of which is not more than 150 ℃. The marine three-screw pump has a small space area. It is an ideal three-screw pump product to make oil pump, fuel pump and main engine lubricating pump on board the ship. The pressure and flow range is wide, the maximum working pressure of 0.2~600m3/h can be up to 6.3 MPA, the type of liquid transported and The viscosity range is wide, the flow rate is uniform and continuous, the vibration is small, the noise is low, the suction performance is good, has the self-priming ability; because the inertial force of the rotary parts in the three-screw pump is low, it can use the very high rotational speed and so on. The sealing surface between the screw and the shell of the 3GCL vertical column foot single suction three screw pump is a space surface. There are unsealed zones such as ab or de on the surface and many triangular notches are formed with the grooves of the screw ABCD defs. These triangular notches form the liquid channel, which makes the active screw groove A and the driven screw groove BHOC connected. And the grooves B, C then goes around the back side along its own spiral and communicates with the back grooves DNE respectively. Mainly used in oil transportation, hydraulic engineering machinery and heavy machinery industry, ship and marine engineering, oil tank and printing and dyeing industry, chemical, petrochemical and other industries. Three screw pump structure form 3GCL vertical column foot single suction three screw pump generally used mechanical seal. The pump is driven by a motor through a claw coupling. From the spindles to the end of the pump year, clockwise rotation. Due to the existence of a triangular notch similar to that of the front side, a triangular notch (A / B / C) is also present on the sealing surface of slot D _ (E) and slot F (which belongs to a helix at the other end). It will also be connected with DU FU E. In this way, the groove ABCDEA also forms a “∞” shape seal space (if a single screw thread is used, the groove passes the suction outlet through the axial disk screw and cannot form a seal. It is not difficult to imagine that, on such a screw, many separate “∞” seal spaces will be formed, each occupying an axial length equal to the lead t of the rod. Therefore, in order to allow the screw to absorb and separate the outlet, the screw thread segment is at least longer than one lead.low price SNH Three Screw Pump
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