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    Europeans need not travel afar for good riding.  Let's look at …Best Places for Snowboarding in Central and Eastern EuropeWhen the snow comes you can tell those of us that have a keen interest in skiing and snowboarding. Where most people become a little less cheerful and begin to bemoan the shortening days and the chilly mornings, we have a small, but not insignificant, smile on our faces because we know the fun that can be had with a tall mountain and a foot or more of fresh powder and we don’t ever want the weather to warm back up. So, where can we take our boards and enjoy the season? Because it is always too short, we need to have a piece on where to go posted. Luckily, here’s one we made earlier.Forget Olympic Valley in California and Aspen because it takes ages to get there, costs a small fortune and there is better on your door step, well, maybe not better, but still really quite good. Take France for example, here you will find a plethora of places to strap on a board and hit the slopes. It might not be the cheapest country in Europe to enjoy the snow but hey, you get what you pay for and in France you pay a lot and get a lot in return. So if you are new to the sport then look to the slopes around village 1650 in Courchevel. This is not only one of the fairest priced French ski resorts but the slopes are also perfect for beginners. However, the best resort in France for snowboarding would have to be at Avoriaz, as this is where they have all of the fun things that make our sport great.Austria might not be quite as popular as France but it is close on its heels and closing fast. This is largely down to the growing popularity of resorts such as the picture perfect and tiny Alpbach or the perfect wide open slopes above the tree line at Mayrhofen, which is perfect for boarding in fresh powder after a recent snowfall. For boarders, Mayrhofen wins, as it has a great terrain park and is particularly popular with powder hounds.When it comes to Switzerland, then there really is only one place to consider and that would have to be Davos. Here you get the choice of 5 mountains and a terrain park with two halfpipes. It is an excellent spot for freeriding although at the weekend it can be extremely crowded.And this takes us finally to the spot where the snowboarding might not be as spectacular but at least you can afford to have more time on the slopes. Bulgaria is the perfect place for those that have to board on a budget; as previously stated, you tend to get what you pay for and Bulgaria is very cheap. That said, the resort of Bansko offers good accommodation, lots of nightlife and great boarding opportunities when the snow falls, so boarding on a budget has to be better than no boarding at all.About the author: Teresa Jens is from Denmark and lives in Aarhus with her husband, three kids and two dogs. She is also a proffesional blogger and writer. You read more about her trips (or like they say in Denmark rejser) on her blog -

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