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Snowboarding Terms

Dictionary of Snowboarding | Terminology:
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Air - To "get air" is to do a jump or otherwise take to the air on a snowboard.
Back Foot - The foot that is nearest the tail of the snowboard.  When skating, this foot is un-strapped and thus otherwise known as the "free foot".
Base - The bottom of the snowboard.  Consists of P-tex, wax, and metal edges.
Biff - To crash or fall. "Dude, I totally biffed it back there." i.e. bail, wipeout, bite it, eat s&!t
Bonk - To make contact with an object, usually on purpose.  ex: "I didn't have time to avoid the stump, so I ollied up and bonked it."  Alt. To run out of energy.
Bindings - The hardware used to fasten ones feet to the snowboard.  The interface between boots and board.
Butter (the muffin) - A maneuver where one shifts weight all over the nose of the board and then performs a rotational move such as a 180° or 360°. Typically results in the spreading of snow as if the board were a knife spreading butter.
Carve - A turning maneuver where the edge is set firmly into the snow and the tip and tail of the edge follow the same path creating a thin line in the snow
Camber - When you lay your board flat on the ground, the middle will bow up.  It distributed the base and edge pressure evenly across the snow surface.
Cheese wedge - A large park jump structure sculpted in such a way as to resemble a wedge of cheese.
Cords - Texture of lines left by a grooming machine found on newly groomed runs.  aka corduroy, roy.
Dude - A generic title for a person -- typically a male.
Edge - Narrow strips of steel on the sides of the snowboard.  Aids controlling the board, especially on firm snow surfaces.
Fakie - To snowboard the opposite way than you usually go.  For example, if you are regular footed, riding right foot forward would be riding fakie.
Free-Carving - A type of free-riding in which one typically employs a special snowboard setup designed especially for carving (hard boots and directional snowboard).
Free-Riding - A discipline of snowboarding that encompasses all-mountain riding.
Freestyle - A discipline of snowboarding where one can do many tricks.  i.e. park and pipe riding.
Goofy Foot - The riding orientation wherein one goes with the right foot forward.
Gnarly - Awesome, amazing, or otherwise grand.  Syn: sick.
Gaper - A person who appears to obviously be a tourist.  aka: touron.
Heel-side - A turn or other maneuver whereas the rider performs while balancing over the edge of the snowboard that is behind or on the side of the heels (as opposed to toe-side).
Jambalaya - Mute and stalefish grabs with a 360 and back flip.
Jib - To make contact with the board to a non-snow surface (tree stump, picnic table, rock, etc...), often intended to add style to a jump or trick.
Launch - To take to the air in a jump.
Manual - A maneuver where one shifts weight all over the nose (or tail) of the board leaving the rest of the board off the snow surface.
Method - A grab trick requiring a decent amount of air, the rider reaches down and grabs the heel-side of the board in front of the back binding and then pulls the board behind his body. Body can become parallel with the ground at the pull point.
Mute - A grab trick where the rider grabs the toe edge of the board between the bindings with the leading hand.
Nollie - To jump (ollie) from the nose of the board.
Nose Grab - An aerial maneuver adapted from skateboarding where one grabs the leading tip of the board while airborne.
Nose-press - A manual performed on an object like a rail or box.
Ollie - To jump by one's own effort (or most of one's own effort), not relying solely on speed and terrain feature for getting air.  Typically performed by loading energy on the tail of the board by flexing it and releasing the stored energy in a sudden manner.  Similar to (and adapted from) an ollie maneuver in skateboarding.
One-footer - Riding one foot unstrapped for a variation of tricks. Basic is usually a grab while sticking one foot out or down below the board. Adopted from skateboarding and bmxing. Generally a dangerous maneuver due to risk of knee and ankle injury.
Poser - Someone who tries to make others think he/she is a skilled rider by means of dress, BS'ing, or any way other than actually snowboarding.
Quarter Pipe - A type of snowboarding terrian feature that resembles the shape of one side of a halfpipe.  May be natural or man-made.  A re-entry hit found in a park.
Rail-slide - A trick adopted from skateboarding where the snowboarder slides the bottom of the board (base) along an object, typically a metal pipe or wooden beam.
Regular Foot - The riding orientation wherein one goes with the left foot forward.
Roller - A terrain feature that has a rolling shape and where exists a possibility to launch for air.
Shred - To tear down the slopes of a mt. at a screamin fast pace. Carve hard and low, slice snow, rip pow apart. The art of snowboarding with hyper mondo mega ultra skills!
Skating - The act/art of riding your snowboard with your back foot out of the binding. This is essential for loading/unloading from chair lifts as well as getting around flat areas.  (Contributed by: Sal)
Sketch - When your bro's leave you hangn' or when something is not right.
Snowboarding - a board-sport on snow similar to skiing, but came about as an idea for a combination of surfing and skateboarding. The first snowboard was invented by Sherman Poppin.  The device (called the Snurfer) was a toy for his kids to use to slide down the sand dunes on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Later, the modern snowboard was created by Jake Burton.  Snowboarding is an increasingly common winter sport throughout the world where participants strap a composite board to their feet and slide down a snow-covered mountain. A snowboarder's equipment consists of: snowboard, boots, bindings, and winter clothing.
Side-cut - The hourglass shape of the sides of a snowboard where the waist is narrower then the ends.  This aids carving and turn initiation.
Steezy - A combo term of "style" and "easy".  For example, "Did you see dat bra? Dudes slide was like sich steezy!"
Stellar - Something that is really great like "stellar blue-bird weather" or "Stellar pow run".
Stomp Pad - A fixture stuck onto one's board between the bindings to aide in grip for the back foot while skating/gliding.
Switch - Riding down the slope with your dominant foot as the back foot. For example, if you are regular-footed your right foot will be your front foot, and left if you are goofy-footed. Also known as riding "fakie".  (Contributed by: Sal)
Tail - The the portion of the trailing end of the snowboard that turns upward.
Tailbone Slammer - A wipe-out wherein one falls backwards and lands on a hard packed surface resulting in injuring or bruising of the tailbone.  Also, if you order one of these at the resort bar you may receive a very potent drink!
Tip - The portion of the leading end of the snowboard that is turned upward.  Also, snowboard instructors like to receive these.
Toe-side - A turn or other maneuver whereas the rider performs while balancing over the edge of the snowboard that is in front of or on the side of the toes (as opposed to heel-side).
Tweak - Usually a term when a grab is done for when the rider pushes the trick beyond the means. ie when you do a nose grab and you push the tail out to the side, the tail is then "tweeked." Other variations for the word come around too.
Wipe-out - To crash.
Yard Sale - A really hard crash (wipe-out) will result in gear being strewn about the hillside.  This may include goggles, gloves or mitts, hats, neck gators, etc...  Skiers have bigger yard sales than snowboarders due to their having poles and releasable bindings.
Special Phrases:

You can use the terms above combined with some of your own to create phrases.  You may have heard some of these muttered at the mountain lately...

Carving phatties in the roy - Doing carve turns down a freshly groomed run leaving deep trench marks behind.

Check the gaper gap - A request for a fellow snowboarder to notice and investigate another person whom is displaying a gap between the helmet and goggles and thus exposing an amount of forehead skin.  Note: In addition to looking funny, gaper gap could result in perma-gaper-gap as a result of damage from wind or sunburn to the exposed area.

Term Dictionary:

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