Frosty Rider is now accepting applications for sponsored TEAM members for
the current Season!

Three different levels are available

Level 1:
Be a part of the team and have fun.
Qualification: Be an active member in the Forums (at least 8 posts) and complete application form.
Benefit: Receive stickers and Team Frosty Rider t-shirt.

Level 2:
Be on the inside of the industry and represent.
Qualification: All level 1. At least 3 years snowboarding experience.
Provide skill demonstration in form of video, pics, or be employed in the
Benefit: Receive stickers and Team Frosty Rider t-shirt. Receive
other 3rd-party product and seasonal swag.

Level 3:
Compete and grow.
Qualification: All level 2. At least 5 years snowboarding experience.
Benefit: Receive stickers and Team Frosty Rider SWEATSHIRT. Receive
other 3rd-party product if available. Receive $$ for contest entry and
receive $$ for placing.

As a member of the Frosty Rider Snowboarding Team, you have a number of
responsibilities.  You Must:

All levels:

1) Complete application process.

2) Ride responsibly.  Know and obey the “Skier/Rider Responsibility

3) Become a member on the Forums (preferably a moderator) and post regularly.

4) Display a Frosty Rider decal on your snowboard or helmet and properly represent the

Levels 2 and 3 only

5) Complete interview process (for posting to the Team Member Profile
page, coming soon, Optional) and post to your FR Blog  (coming soon).

6) Submit product reviews (at least 2 a season).

Failure to meet these requirements will result in being expelled from
the team.

Stuff you get:

1) Team Member decals and decals to give away to others.

2) A Team Member T-shirt (or special Sweatshirt, while supplies last).

3) A listing on the Team Member Profile page.

4) Prizes for top placements in contests.

5) Access to Team Members Only section of the Forum and chance to win free
stuff in raffles.


Discuss the sponsorship program on the Forum here
.  A link to the
actual application will be posted here soon, so check back.

Apply here

FR Snowboarding Sponsorship Registration Form
Your full mailing address. Stuff may be shipped to you here.
Where you normally go snowboarding
Any other stuff you want us to know.