Should I Teach My Girlfriend to Snowboard?

Girl on snowboard sitting on slope throwing snowball

A good question

Will you be hero, or zero? Should you do it or not? Teaching your girlfriend to snowboard...

If she doesn’t know how to snowboard, teaching your girlfriend could be a great way to score some points. There would be plenty of opportunities to be cute with her and show her how to balance and lean to change directions. She probably won’t pick up right away, which makes for some great laughs and memories. Seeing snow in itself is a great experience if she hasn’t seen snow before. She’ll be happy to share such an awesome moment with you. To the inexperienced, snowboarding may sound daunting, but there are many easy slopes around the country shaped for beginners.

Girl on snowboard sitting on slope throwing snowball

Slopes vary in steepness and complexity of obstacles and ramps. When she gets the hang of the basics you can move on to more challenging courses, and if you’re a fan of snowboarding yourself – you’ll have many fun days ahead of you. Nothing beats the feeling of soaring through the air after a jump, or the adrenaline rush of boarding straight down a slope. The gut feeling of speeding downhill is irreplaceable.

Snowboarding is thrilling and traveling is exciting in itself, so if your girlfriend is willing, you should definitely teach her how to snowboard. Teaching her to snowboard will take longer than a day, and she’ll definitely need to practice. If you don’t live near snow or big slopes than a trip of about a week would be necessary. That would give you plenty of time to spend time together and put a lot of hours in on the slopes. If you’re lucky enough to live around snow, then you can set a regular schedule to go out every day and share breakfast or lunch together. Snowboarding is certainly challenging, though, and definitely requires coordination and physical capability. If you’re looking to spend quality time with your girlfriend, snowboarding could definitely offer some amazing dates, but it’s not a safe choice unless you know she’s up for it. If she wants to try, but she is not a physically active person she’s going to be extremely sore after snowboarding. This is something you should consider and possibly plan accordingly by setting up a relaxing date for the following day. If she really doesn’t have any athletic experience, snowboarding might not be an endeavor to try and pass on to her.

Find out if she’s up to it, and if not, there are always other close options like tubing and sledding. You could take her sledding or sightseeing around the vast mountain landscapes. Sledding and tubing offer the same chance at feeling the adrenaline rush of sliding downhill. It’s super easy and really doesn’t require any experience.  Some tubes and sled hold more than one person, sharing a ride with her down hill might be the best thing you could give her. Overall, you should definitely take your girlfriend snowboarding at least one time.

Realistically if your young and healthy enough to try it, you may as well give it a whirl. At the end of the day, it’s a great memory to look back upon one day and it’s something she will never forget. Good luck gentleman!

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