Cliff Drop Day – Snowboarding Fails & Fixes

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Today is a powder day in Whistler and we’re searching the mountain for cliff drops! I’m snowboarding today with my friend Shu from Snowboard Dojo Wiz. The first tip for dropping cliff is to spot the landing and make sure the powder is deep enough. Make sure you also don’t land in another snowboarders landing spot. The second tip is to give yourself a few feet of space before the cliff to point your snowboard straight. This will allow you to get balanced over your snowboard before he cliff. The third tip is land the cliff with more weight toward the tail of your snowboard. This will stop you from catching your nose and rolling forward. Shu’s bonus tips are to visualize your landing before hitting the cliff drop. Also, throw a snowball off the cliffs edge to calculate how long you’ll be in the air. Be safe while snowboarding and doing cliff drops and make sure to wear a helmet. For more videos and tips subscribe and check out the snowboarding playlists!

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